Wedding photography with a view of Positano

An exciting wedding with a view of Positano is the one chosen by this loving couple, L&G.

Love, sun and family. There were all the right ingredients to be able to immortalize a special day that will remain forever in the hearts of those who experienced it. But also in ours, which as always we allow ourselves to be completely immersed in the emotions of the day.

L&G chose the panoramic terrace of the Hotel Eden Roc in Positano to celebrate their wedding. Hanging from the rock, overlooking the sea. An ideal place to fully breathe the romantic and sunny air of Positano, on the most romantic day of your life.

We were contacted directly by the bride, with whom we shared her excitement for this magical day from the beginning. Ok, we went to his hotel room, during the preparations. To immortalize the most precious moments, those of waiting, of anxiety, but also of the joy to be shared between a lipstick, an eyeshadow and an auspicious toast with mother, sister and friends.

After a few shots in the room, we went to the terrace. Where we waited, intrepid, for the bride, together with the groom.

The ceremony was very spontaneous and engaging. The newlyweds exchanged rings in a ritual that involved all the guests present with them.

We followed the entire celebration, capturing the moments of strong emotion, and the understandings that transpired from the exchange of glances. We got excited with them, and together we let ourselves go in shots of poses and pure joy with all the family members at the end of the ceremony.

A short break, before leaving for a romantic and intimate walk between husband and wife through the fascinating streets of Positano. We have chosen the most evocative corners to take souvenir photos. Finish the shots in time for the wedding breakfast.

The joy felt by the spouses in receiving the photos was our icing on the cake.
Another job completed with lots of emotions and satisfaction with the result!

Look for the review directly on the home page of the site, and you too will be able to read about the couple’s happiness with the shots taken!

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